Wall Split System Air Conditioning

Murray Heating and Cooling recommend Daikin Split Systems as ideal for air conditioning one room or a specific area of a home. As there are a wide variety of models, talking to the experts at Murray Heating and Cooling will help you make the right decision

Models can be  for both heating and cooling, just heating or just cooling and there is also an option for Smart Phone control and are available in wall mounted or floor standing types.


More information about each of the options below including their Technical Specifications can be found by downloading this brochure. Individual units are described below.

US7 Reverse Cycle Airconditioner

The US7 Reverse Cycle Airconditioner is available in 3 capacities  - 2.5kW, 3.5kW and 5.0kW. It will provide premium air quality with its dehumidifying, ventilating and air purification processes. it is considered best for  humid or dry climate zones

The US7 has been awarded a blue butterfly by  the National Asthma Council of Australia and was also the first to gain the 7-star efficiency rating in Australia.

Zena Wall Mounted Split Airconditioning System

The Zena Wall-mounted Split System uses the latest technology and was engineered in Europe. it suits modern contemporary rooms, ideal for heating or cooling a small area of the home.

This unit has optional WiFi ability and is available in 2 finishes, matte white or silver

Cora Wall Mounted Split System

The Cora Wall-mounted airconditioning unit is best for heating or cooling  of small to large rooms and is especially a good choice for those conscious of energy usage.

Featuring whisper quiet operation, the Daikin Cora is presented in a white matte finish.

L-Series Wall Mounted Airconditioner

The L-Series wall-mounted air conditioners is great for heating small to large rooms and is considered great for economical airconditioning.

It is particularly suitable when  floor standing units are not an option

Nexura Floor Standing Air Conditioner

The Nexura Floor standing  unit is both quiet and discreet and has a unique radiant heat panel at the front. It can give radiator like heat comfort.

The Nexura is great for heating or cooling small rooms.

Floor Standing Airconditioning Units

If floor standing is a prime concern then the Daikin range of floor standing split system air conditioners are ideal. These compact units allow for heating of small to large rooms and have a  s small installation footprint. These are particulaly useful in colder climates.