Daikin Ducted System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


Daikin Ducted System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Daikin Ducted System reverse cycle air conditioning can be installed in new or existing homes, and but for the controller and grilles are invisible inside your home.

The Premium Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner

The Premium Inverter Ducted Air conditioner is the ultimate Ducted solution which can heat or cool the entire house and can be retrofitted to older R22 ducted systems.

Best of all it is Australian made and thus manufactured to Australian standards, allowing continuous operations even on the hottest or coldest days.

Inverter Ducted Airconditioning System

Compactly and efficiently designed, the Inverter Ducted air conditioner can be fitted into the roof space of modern homes. Ideal for homes with limited outdoor or roof space.

Just like the Premium Inverter, it is whisper quiet during night hours and automatically resumes normal operation in daylight hours

Slim-Line Ducted System

If ceiling space is at a premium, then the Slim-line Ducted System may the one for your home. It can heat or cool multiple rooms and is best for bedroom airconditioning.

Being ideal for narrow spaces, it can be placed both in narrow ceiling spaces or under the floor, thus proving very useful for the modern apartment and medium density housing.

The Bulkhead Air Conditioning System

When discreet installation is required, you cannot go past the Bulkhead range of air conditioners. Used for heating or cooling a single area of the home, it adapts well  to drop ceilings  or shallow ceilings and is best for bedroom airconditioning.

Whisper quiet operations ensure limited impact acoustically.

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