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Have you checked these points first?

When your air conditioning system does not appear to be functioning properly, there are several points listed below, that you can check prior to calling for help.

Once you have checked the following points and familiarised yourself with the operating instructions, and the malfunction persists, please do not hesitate to contact our

Service Department on (08) 8532 2973.

If you cannot locate your operation manual, here is a handy link to the downloads page on the Daikin site.

Faults Cause
Does not operate. - Has the circuit breaker been tripped?
- Is the Power Switch at OFF
- Have you made a mistake in timer operation?
- Is the unit at the starting of Heating Operation?
- If Yes, Hot-start is activating.
- Is the unit in Defrost mode?
- If yes, wait for finishing of Defrosting.
Does not cool or heat effectively. - Is the air filter dirty? See air filter cleaning instructions
- The room may have been very hot when the room air conditioner was first turned on. Allow time for it to cool down.
- Has the temperature been set incorrectly?
- Are the indoor unit's air inlets or outlet vents obstructed?
The room has a particular odour. Check that it is not a damp smell exuded by the walls, carpet, furniture or cloth items in the room.
The air conditioner operation is noisy. - For a noise that sounds like water flowing. This is the sound of gas flowing inside the air conditioning unit.
- For a noise that sounds like the compressed air releasing into atmosphere.
This is the sound of reversing the gas flow inside the unit at the starting and finishing of the Defrosting during Heating Operation.
It seems like that condensation is leaking from air conditioner. Condensation occurs when the airflow from the air conditioner cools the warm air.
Air conditioner does not operate for about 4-5 minutes when restart. This is to protect the mechanism.Wait about 4-5 minutes and operation will begin.
Remote control display is faint, or no display at all. - Are the batteries depleted?- Are the batteries inserted in the opposite (+) and (-) directions?
Airflow does not begin immediately during heating operation. If the airflow begins before its temperature becomes warm, it will cause an undesired cooling effect. In order to prevent this, the airflow will not begin until it is sufficiently warm. The operation lamp will blink until the airflow begins)
Operation stops for about 12 minutes during heating. (The operating lamp blinks) This is to thaw the frost which has accumulated on the outdoor unit (defrosting operation). This will take no longer than about 12 minutes, so wait for operation. (Frost accumulates on the outdoor unit when the outdoor temperature is low and the humidity is high).
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