Multi Split System Air Conditioning


Multi Split System Air Conditioning

Murray Heating and Cooling recommend Daikin Multi Split Systems as ideal for air conditioning one room or several areas of a home using a single outdoor unit. Each unit (or room) can be operated individually, scheduling and selecting room temperatures

Super Multi NX Air conditioners

The Super Multi NX air conditioner  can be wall mounted, bulkhead, floor standing, cassette or ceiling-suspended  and can be used to heat or cool up to 5 rooms.

Each room has an individual control to set room temperatures for optimal comfort, allowing for just one room to be rapidly cooled or heated when desired. 

VRV-IV-S Airconditioning Systems

Select from a variety of indoor units to suit room sizes and designs for the medium to large house.

This unit can be wall mounted, bulkhead, ducted, floor standing, ceiling suspended or cassette and can  be selected to each room.

Up to 14 rooms can be heated or cooled by the VRV IV-S air conditioning system and is especially for small block sizes with limited outdoor space or a large luxury home.

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